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      The company's aluminum alloy sales department operates: national standard southwest aluminum, imported American Fenkel, Japanese Sumitomo sheet, bar, pipe, coil, strip, profile, wire, strip and so on.


      Bathroom appliances

      If the water flow in the faucet is small but there is water flowing out, this situation is most suitable for installing the booster pump, and the effect is good after installation, the water flow is increased, and the shower is normally opened.


      Photographic lamps

      The industries involved are electronics, daily necessities, gifts, hardware and electrical appliances, advertising, building materials, and clothing.

      Electronic component molding machine

      The main materials are gray cast iron, ductile iron, copper, carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, low temperature steel, chrome molybdenum steel and other special steel.

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      The main products are: throwing (spray) pill cleaning machinery, sand processing equipment, environmental dust removal equipment and mechanical parts, etc., providing ideal for casting, forging, heat treatment, steel structure, container, machinery, shipbuilding, aircraft, locomotive and other industries at home and abroad. Key equipment

      Special building materials

      4. The company provides a perfect after-sales service manual.

      Drinking water treatment equipment

      The company advocates that the goods be delivered to the customer in the shortest possible time within the time limit agreed upon, and that the after-sales service personnel arrive at the customer's location in the shortest possible time.